Bodrum düğün fotoğrafçısı fotoğrafları - Wedding photos

Wedding Day Documentary in Bodrum – Julia & Arin

This is a love story which began at Russia and happy ended in Sianji Well-Being Resort Bodrum. Both Julia and Arin’s family members and friends were with them from the beginning of their getting ready until the end of the night. As a wedding documentary photographer we fallowed them, their friend and family members step by step and captured them naturally.

After they prepared we shoot Julia and Arin with their friends.

Of course we didn’t forget to arrange a short time for outdoor bride and groom photos in Bodrum’s natural beauty.

Before the ceramony we shoot family photos.

While our couple were taking a breath we shoot the beautiful decoration of the ceramony and party areas. Honestly giving sunglasses to protect the guests’ eyes from their love which is brighter than the sun was a genious idea :)

We lost ourselves in this beautiful decoration until we saw Julia in her father’s arms. The most nervous moment was this “Yes” moment. The ceramony was beginnig…

There is a Russian tradition. It’s called as “Bread and Salt”. According to this tradition groom’s mother serve a bread filled with salt. The bride and groom break off pieces of bread, dip them in salt and feed each other. As you can see it’s not a delicious tradition but i love to photograph this type of rituals:)

Julia and Arin’s very special first dance and the song that Julia sang specially for Arin were the most important and spectacular moments of the night.

Wedding Day Documentary photos in Bodrum