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Stephanie & Pierre – Wedding Day Documentary in Maca Kizi Hotel Bodrum

As a wedding photographer, contrary most people i work hard in summer time. But i confess that this job has so many joyous points. One of them is catching chance to photograph different beauties in different places. This wedding was another special one for me. Bodrum, the place which most people gets in love with it’s natural beauty. A lovely couple began a new life in this beautiful place. Stephanie, with her beauty and Pierre with his good-looking made Bodrum jealous. They got married in Maca Kizi Hotel’s marvelous atmosphere.

They promissed to be together, always & forever during the sunset.

After the ceramony they had a small cocktail in the bar.

The speeches of family members, groom and bestman, gave a novel touch to the wedding dinner.  Stephanie and Pierre had soulful moments with their words.


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Bodrum düğün fotoğrafçısı fotoğrafları

Bodrum Wedding Photos

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Bodrum Wedding photos