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Merve & Cengiz – Wedding Day Documentary Photos

I admit that this was the most crazy wedding of 2012. We had so much fun with my bride.

Actually Merve & Cengiz got married 6 months ago in USA. This was an after wedding party.

During the session I wrote “My today’s bride iz amazing. Look at her shoes. So you can imagine the rest” to my Instagram account. You don’t see her shoes in below pictures because she didn’t use them much. She prefered to be my “shoeless bride” :)

Of course this kind of bride won’t have a normal wedding gown…

Well, have you ever seen a groom like that?????

Murat ve Birol, 2 members of a famous band Grup Gripin played and singed for them.

Be honest, you didn’t think that this bride will sit still??? And could this bride had a quiet groom???

Dear Merve & Cengiz, thank you for choosing me as wedding photographer. This experience was priceless for me.

Wedding Day Documentary Photos