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Istanbul Wedding Photos – Idil & Cengiz

Honestly, I can say that this is one of my unforgettable sessions that I’ve ever done. British Consulate let’s use their employees to use this building for their wedding ceremony and party. Idil and Cengiz used this amazing building and garden because Idil is working there. As you’ll see on the photos this building is very unique. So consulate is showing how they care about their employees with this gesture. Of course getting inside of this building was not easy. All our team had to prepare many papers to get permission.

We were very excited for that session so we went to venue a little bit earlier than we had to be. Idil and Cengiz came after us. We began our session with decoration. Then, we took couple and family photos. We used inside of the consulate building and garden for these.

After the arrivals of guests, the cocktail, ceremony and party followed in order. All guests were outstanding people like British Consul General, artists and fashion designers.

Here are the photos of this wonderful wedding.

Istanbul Wedding Photos