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I love to be in the center of a triangle which one’s corners are my son Bulut, my husband Rifat and photography.

After finishing 2 universities I began to my business carrier in an international company. But even it has good opportunities if you’re not in love with your job it begins to not satisfy you.

I decided to turn my hobby into a business and quit my job. I had been carrying my camera as a part of my body for a long time. I began to attend courses in foreign countries. As a result I became a professional, which accepted by some international wedding photography associations.

When I turn and look back, I can feel the happiness of keeping an open door to the past of hundreds couples, families and babies. What can satisfy me more than leaving a good touch in thousands of people’s life?

Hande Karayaka

Düğün fotoğrafçısı / Wedding photographer

Wedding Photographer Istanbul