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People ask me that why did I choose to be a wedding photographer. The answer is simple, because it’s great to be with happy couples.

It’s not important to choose a professional wedding photographer for some couples. But they experience the importance after having terrible results. Unfortunately there isn’t any way to turn back and correct that mistake after that.

The first important factor for satisfied results is choosing a professional wedding photographer. The second one is choosing one that has a style that you like.

I can explain my style with one Word “Natural”. I prefer to photograph couples in natural locations, in natural light, in simple non-overdue poses.

Now you can take a look to my more than 100 previous couples’ photos and see my style closer.

Come on! Make me the eyewitness of your big day and let me freeze your happy moments forever.

Istanbul Wedding Photographer Hande Karayaka

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Save The Date

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İstanbul düğün fotoğrafçısı fotoğrafları - Wedding photos istanbulwww.handekarayaka.com

Idil & Cengiz - Istanbul Wedding Photos

Honestly, I can say that this is one of my unforgettable sessions that I’ve ever done. British Consulate let’s use their employees to use this building for their wedding ceremony and party. Idil and Cengiz used this amazing building and garden because Idil is working there. As you’ll see on the photos this building is very unique.
Vacation photography, vacation Photographer, Vacation Photoswww.handekarayaka.com

Nakisa & Amin – Istanbul Vacation photos

We agreed to do a photo session with Nakisa & Amin 2 days before the new year. We were very comfortable because even in winter, most days are good enough to take photo in Istanbul. Our plan was beginning our session in Galata Tower, walk down to Karakoy and finish in Galata Bridge.
Vacation photography, vacation Photographer, Vacation Photoswww.handekarayaka.com

Sirine & Rami – Istanbul Vacation photos

The travelers, which are looking for a vacation photographer, have different expectations. Some of them wants photos in historical places such as Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque and Sultanahmet, some others wants to see the beauties of. Foreign couples needs our assistance because of they don’t know this country and city very well. We love to help them as much as we can.
Mercan Ailesi – Aile fotoğraf çekimiwww.handekarayaka.com

Mercan Family - Family photo shoot

In family sessions, our main aim is to have fun time to keep away children from getting bored. Otherwise children refuse to give poses. This is why most poses are in motion and natural ambiance. Our session took more than 3 hours but we felt like we are in a nature tour.
Kıbrıs söz ve nişan fotoğrafları - nişan çekimi - Cyprus Engaged photoswww.handekarayaka.com

Aslı & Munur - Cyprus Engagement Photos

One of this year’s destination session was in Cyprus. We had an engagement session in there. It was a beautiful organization from catering to decoration. Also Asli’s dress choises were amazing.
Kıbrıs Lefkoşa Girne Magusa en iyi düğün fotoğrafçıları - cyprus wedding photographywww.handekarayaka.com

Gizlem & Omac - Cyprus Wedding Day Documentary

Generally the couples from Cyprus finds me with advice. But Gizlem & Omac found me directly from my web page. They booked their date 8 months before so we had so much time to organize everything.
Düğün Fotoğrafçısı - Wedding Photography Istanbul
Kıbrıs düğün fotoğrafçısı - Cyprus wedding photographywww.handekarayaka.com
Bozcaada düğün fotoğrafçısı fotoğrafları - wedding photos
Alaçatı düğün fotoğrafçısı fotoğrafları
Sapanca Sakarya düğün fotoğrafları - wedding photos
Kıbrıs düğün fotoğrafları - Cyprus Wedding photos - Fotoğrafçısıwww.handekarayaka.com
Nişan ve söz töreni fotoğrafçısı - Engagement ceremony istanbul
Barselona düğün fotoğrafları / Barcelona wedding photos

Beste & Sonat - Barcelona wedding photos

Beste (means music composition in Turkish) & Sonat (means sonata), as you can understand from their names they were exactly made for each other :) They said “Love is different on November” and chose Barcelona to get married.
düğün fotoğrafçısı Düğün fotoğrafları / wedding photos
Bodrum düğün fotoğrafçısı - bodrum wedding photos
Save the date fotoğraf çekimi - Save The Date Photos

Selin & Gokay - Save The Date Photos

The best session type that I love to photograph is Save The Date. There is no time limit, no stress for getting dirt the dress, no limit for location and nobody calling you to hurry up. Here is another couple Selin & Gökay which we captured so many beautiful photos in this relax atmosphere.
Paris düğün fotoğrafları / Wedding photos

Gamze & Salih - Paris wedding photos

Imperiously Paris is the city of LOVE. And our ways crossed with Gamze & Salih in this city once more. They chose Paris to celebrate their first wedding anniversary. We took that chance and shoot some photos in some beautiful locations of this romantic city.
Bozcaada düğün fotoğrafları - wedding photos

Ayse & Ferit - Bozcaada Wedding Photos

I was very excited when Ayse came to me with a session idea in Bozcaada, where one of my favorite destination for holidays. Every time that I visited this destination, was imagining the beautiful photos that I could capture in amazing spots.

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Wedding Day Documentary in Bodrum
Stephanie & Pierre

Düğün Fotoğrafçısı - wedding photographer

As a wedding photographer, contrary most people i work hard in summer time. But i confess that this job has so many joyous points. One of them is catching chance to photograph different beauties in different places. This wedding was another special one for me. Bodrum, the place which most people gets in love with it’s natural beauty.

Istanbul, Engagement Photos
Banu & Justin

istanbul Nişan fotoğrafları - Engagement photo

Banu is a Turkish citizen who lives in USA. So Banu and Justin’s love began in there. But they choosed Istanbul for their new life’s first steps.
I wanted to immortalize their special day with Istanbul themed photos. We walked Ulus ve Ortaköy step by step. Also their wedding avenue was Radisson Sas Blu with an amazing bosphorus view.

Sapanca, Wedding Photos
Busra & Tugay

Düğün Fotoğrafçısı - Wedding photographer

We preferred a forest in Sapanca instead of lake side. The most important think in our session is being relaxed. In a crowded place this is impossible. Especially some couples wants to be alone to feel free. We try to choose locations according to our couple’s expectations. As you can see in our other Sapanca, Sakarya and Kocaeli sessions, there are so many options that we can choose.

Save the date photos
Selin & Gokay

Düğün Fotoğrafçısı - save the date fotoğrafları - wedding photographer

The best session type that I love to photograph is Save The Date. There is no time limit, no stress for getting dirt the dress, no limit for location and nobody calling you to hurry up. Here is another couple Selin & Gökay which we captured so many beautiful photos in this relax atmosphere.

Wedding Session in Istanbul
Meryem & Yavuz

Wedding Engagement photographer istanbul Turkey

Istanbul is a huge city with high density of traffic. So sometimes it takes hours to go from one location to another such as hairdress to shooting area or wedding avenue. Because of that reason some of my couples prefers pre-wedding or post-wedding sessions.

Wedding Day Documentary Photos
Merve & Cengiz

istanbul düğün fotoğrafçısı - Wedding photographer

I admit that this was the most crazy wedding of 2012. We had so much fun with my bride.
Actually Merve & Cengiz got married 6 months ago in USA. This was an after wedding party.
During the session I wrote “My today’s bride iz amazing. Look at her shoes. So you can imagine the rest” to my Instagram account.

Engagement Photos in Istanbul
Ruth & Aws

Engagement session istanbul

Ruth & Aws are a couple who lives in America. But they wanted to photograph their engagement in Instanbul’s mysterical and historical atmosphere. You can see Istanbul’s beauty in every single photo as they want. They did not get tired to walk whole way from Sultanahmet to Galata, me either did not get tired to photograph them. I think we were a great team :)

Izmir, Alacati Elopement
Esma & Erkan

They are absolutely a dream couple for a wedding photographer. Although their wedding ceramonies were in 2 other cities they came to Alacati only for their wedding photos. I have to accept that this was a perfect choice. Amazing location, amazing couple and unique photos…

Love notes from previous couples

Düğün fotoğrafçısı öneri ve yorumları  We travelled to Istanbul from the UK for our wedding. I approached Hande having encountered her excellent portfolio online and through Instagram. She is a proficient English speaker, easy to contact and very happy to answer any questions you may have. On the day (the first time we met in person) we found her to be a thorough professional and the calibre of the photos is simply stunning! I am delighted that we chose to select her to capture our most special day! She is a lovely lady and a very talented photographer.

M.Rana & AlirajWedding Day Documentary

Düğün fotoğrafçısı öneri ve yorumları  My husband and I came to Istanbul from Germany to celebrate our wedding. I found Hande Karayaka Photography by searching on Google, and was so drawn by her portfolio. From my first E-mail with Hande, I knew she was a right choice. She was very friendly, kind, patient, helpful and of course professional. She captured every special moment in beauty, and she caught moments that I did not even see was happening. Our pictures came out very amazing. I can’t express how much we love our pictures, albums and our experience with Hande Karayaka Photography.
I would highly recommend Hande Karayaka Photography for any special occasion.

Aida & MiladWedding Day Documentary

Düğün fotoğrafçısı öneri ve yorumları  Thank you dear Hande for making our best day unforgettable for generations to come. let me tell you my experience with Hande photography.
I’m from Iraq and we don’t have a high tech professional female photographer. we decided to spent the honey moon in Istanbul area and I started to search the photographers in the area. I really like how professional and organic her work is. being a photographer myself I choose Hande to do my wedding photo session in the most amazing natural resort spot in Istanbul (Atatürk Arboretum) private heavenly peaceful place. I did a horrible job in choosing the flower bucket lol language barrier was a challenge, Hande saved the day, she helped us choose the bucket herself she instructed the floweriest how to do it. she offered to driver us from hotel to the resort like 30 min drive, and because Shahad was too tired at the end she drove us all the way back to hotel,Thank u and we’ll never forget that. I get little nervous when i’m under the spotlight & i really had “serious face” problem at start lol, Hande and her housebound helped by their easy going friendliness, we felt like we know the couple for a while. she had a phenomenal pauses ideas and always thought a head of me whatever pause i though about. she helped shipping the albums for me and i can’t tell how my parents were happy about the lovely album. I highly recommend her for doing your session specially if you are from Iraq.
if i visited Istanbul again we will do another session too.

Shahad & AmmarCouple session

Düğün fotoğrafçısı öneri ve yorumları  Hande dear we would love to thank you for your amazing efforts, your amazing talent, your smiley face during our photoshoot, we crossed the world and came to istanbul, and loved every moment in our photoshoot, extremely easy going, Hande knows exactly what she is doing, knows the exact poses that a person needs to look in their best, we didn’t even feel the time of our photoshoot, WE WILL DEFINITELY REPEAT IT WITH YOU HANDE � i am a photographer myself, and i HIGHLY recommend Hande for your wedding or any event

Sirine & RamihannoufCouple session

What can I do for you?

düğünfotoğrafçısı / wedding photographyWedding photography & videography

You may want to solve photography and videography service in one hand. I have a team that can take video of your whole wedding. Of course I and my assistant will be with you for photography.

travel photography Istanbul TurkeyTouristic vacation photos

We photograph you in the most famous locations of the city during your vacation. So can remember the city and your vacation days with high-quality photos.

savethedate fotoğrafları - Save the date photosSave The Date photography & videography

You may want a “Save The Date” session, which we do a few months before your wedding. In this session you wear some casual clothes and I photograph you in natural way. Couples use these photos in their invitations or prefer to Show their guests in their weddings as a slide Show.

aile fotoğraf-çekimi - Family photo sessionFamily Session

Most of us never think or forget having a family session. In my opinion, it’s very important taking family photos especially after loosing a few family members you feel the lack of these photos.

Wedding Photography istanbul, Turkey