Barselona düğün fotoğrafları / Barcelona wedding photos

Beste & Sonat – Barcelona wedding photos

Beste (means music composition in Turkish) & Sonat (means sonata), as you can understand from their names they were exactly made for each other :) They said “Love is different on November” and chose Barcelona to get married.
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düğün fotoğrafçısı Düğün fotoğrafları / wedding photos

Ebru & Samet – Couple session

Being a wedding photographer is so hard in Istanbul. Unfortunately, there are so few locations that you can take wedding photos. We always need to find new unique places.
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Bodrum düğün fotoğrafçısı - bodrum wedding photos

Elif & Erdinc – Bodrum wedding photos

“Bodrum” is a village that many people getting in love to its natural beauties. It is one of the most favorite destinations for honeymoons and wedding photography sessions.
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Save the date fotoğraf çekimi - Save The Date Photos

Selin & Gokay – Save The Date Photos

The best session type that I love to photograph is Save The Date. There is no time limit, no stress for getting dirt the dress, no limit for location and nobody calling you to hurry up. Here is another couple Selin & Gökay which we captured so many beautiful photos in this relax atmosphere.
05/10/2016/tarafından rk
Paris düğün fotoğrafları / Wedding photos

Gamze & Salih – Paris wedding photos

Imperiously Paris is the city of LOVE. And our ways crossed with Gamze & Salih in this city once more. They chose Paris to celebrate their first wedding anniversary. We took that chance and shoot some photos in some beautiful locations of this romantic city.
01/09/2016/tarafından rk
Bozcaada düğün fotoğrafları - wedding photos

Ayse & Ferit – Bozcaada Wedding Photos

I was very excited when Ayse came to me with a session idea in Bozcaada, where one of my favorite destination for holidays. Every time that I visited this destination, was imagining the beautiful photos that I could capture in amazing spots.
25/08/2016/tarafından rk
Sapanca düğün fotoğrafları - wedding photos

Busra & Tugay – Sapanca Wedding Photos

We preferred a forest in Sapanca instead of lake side. The most important think in our session is being relaxed. In a crowded place this is impossible. Especially some couples wants to be alone to feel free. We try to choose locations according to our couple’s expectations. As you can see in our other Sapanca, Sakarya and Kocaeli sessions, there are so many options that we can choose.
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Düğün Belgeseli Fotoğrafları - Kuzguncuk yanık mektebi

Duygu & Ozgur – Wedding Documentary

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İstanbul Nişan fotoğrafçısı fotoğrafları

Shukrona & Alim – Engaged in Istanbul

Every year, hundreds of couples choose Turkey to get married. Turkey’s authentic ambience, historical architecture and being the meeting point of two different continent effects on this. I’m luckily able to shoot many of these couples because of knowing English and capturing photos as their style.
11/08/2016/tarafından rk
Bodrum düğün fotoğrafçısı fotoğrafları - Wedding photos

Julia & Arin – Wedding Day Documentary in Bodrum

This is a love story which began at Russia and happy ended in Sianji Well-Being Resort Bodrum. Both Julia and Arin’s family members and friends were with them from the beginning of their getting ready until the end of the night. As a wedding documentary photographer we fallowed them, their friend and family members step by step and captured them naturally.
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Save the date fotoğrafları istanbul - save the date

Zeynep & Emrah – Save The Date Photos

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Kapadokya düğün fotoğrafçısı - wedding photographer cappadocia wedding photos, kapadokya düğün fotoğrafları

Umit & Gokhan – Cappadocia wedding photos

Cappadocia is an amazing location because of it’s historical and geological specialties. Because of that reason it has a place on UNESCO World Heritage List.
Can be a better choice than Cappadocia for a wedding session? An unique place for unique photos.
10/08/2016/tarafından rk
Düğün fotoğrafçısı

Meryem & Yavuz – Wedding Session in Istanbul

Istanbul is a huge city with high density of traffic. So sometimes it takes hours to go from one location to another such as hairdress to shooting area or wedding avenue. Because of that reason some of my couples prefers pre-wedding or post-wedding sessions.
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Save the date fotoğrafları-bs - çekimi - photos

Beste & Sonat – Save The Date Photos

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family photo istanbul, family photographer - Aile fotoğraf çekimi

Aldakheel Family – Family Photos

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